A game about freedom.

Explore a beautiful, symbolic and mysterious universe. Discover the astounding secrets that binds you to it.

PiAwk is a little bird-like creature.. somewhat awkward and shy, but bold and curious who loves to dream and explore there.

You will have to venture on a journey to find a way out of the ruined world in which it has been enclosed.

In development by:
Release date?
PC and Consoles
Adventure / Puzzle / Platformer
About 3h
Target audience?
Anyone who likes to read, meditate, and love nature.
What the players say?
#Cute #Unique #Intriguing #Adorable #Clean #Minimalist
Unique visual style.
Non-linear adventure gameplay.
A lot of secrets to discover.
Little world physics.
Play like a bird.
An original story about freedom.
Fun and challenging interactions.
A relaxing but exciting experience.
Designed for one player.

No death / violence.
No hyper-realism / last-gen graphics.