Explore a beautiful, symbolic and mysterious universe. Discover the astounding secrets that binds you to it.

PiAwk is a game about a little bird in the adventure for the freedom, created with a narrative and artistic purpose.

Who is making Piawk?
@HiWarp [hiwarp.com]
When will be released?
Fall 2018
PC / Mac / Linux
Adventure / Puzzle / Platformer
About 180 min.
Anyone who likes to read, meditate, and love nature.
What the players say?
#Minimalist #Cute #Mystery #Intriguing #Adorable #Clean #Unique #Interesting #Nice #Sweet
• A unique visual style.
• A story about freedom.
• A narrative with many dialogues, but funny reading.
• A monochromatic world (with some touches of color).
• A lot of surprises and secrets to discover for yourself.
• A relaxing but exciting experience.
• Designed for one player.
• Little world physics.
• Play like a bird, with other birds.
• Multiple alternate endings.
• Do things like walk, jump, talk, sing, pick switches, push and grab objects, dance, open doors, hide, ... and more!

Ø No death / violence.
Ø No hyper-realism / last-gen graphics.
Ø No procedural worlds.

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